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Courtesy of Mike Keefe, The Denver Post

Athletes and politicians alike suffer defeat

Under normal circumstances, I would be working overseas right now.

No, these normal circumstances are not referring to the absence of the coronavirus. Rather, these normal circumstances are referring to a time with less geo-political tensions.

Don’t be stupid, there always are. Okay, I concede that it is impossible for the world to be in full harmony 24/7. But I have never seen foreign relations deteriorate to this low a level, with no signs that countries are willing to find common ground.

I had secured a job after graduation, when a country’s embassy suddenly was forced to close. No problem…

Source: Inside Higher Ed

It not only affects you later in the future, but also reflects on you.

As soon as I heard the coronavirus originated from China, I knew trouble for me remained.

I learned it happened to Japanese-Americans after Pearl Harbor was bombed. I had seen it happen to Middle Eastern-Americans after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. I heard and read that Russian-Americans to this day are still being accused of spies as a result of the Cold War. A year ago, I was personally accused myself along with other Chinese-Americans of being technology thieves as the Trade War raged on. …


I do not speak my mind, but I may write about it.

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